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Getting Started:

It all starts with a phone call, or a visit to our office.  We will gladly schedule you to meet with the Director, who will sit with you and fill out our intake forms, and administer the assessment test Pennsylvania requires us to give.

Once you complete the computer based assessment test, the results will be discussed with you immediately.  These results give us some idea of your educational needs.


We provide two GED Preparation classes.  One class meets every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9am to noon, the second meets every Monday and Wednesday evening from 6pm to 9pm.  Instruction is conducted in all GED testing areas.
​Those unable to attend during the scheduled Tuesday/Thursday meeting times will work with the BC3 Tutor Coordinator who will attempt to quickly find a volunteer to work with you based on your educational needs, and availability.

Starting January 2, 2014 a new GED test was initiated.  This is a computer based test, and adds many new testing features.  The new test is explained in the video.  We also have incorporated into our instruction the state College and Career Readiness Standards.

Working with the West-Central Workforce Investment Board Coalition, the Center is working to meet the needs of employers through instruction of those soft skills necessary to obtain, retain, and maintain a job.
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